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Student living got you down?

Check out these 18 amazing snacks that you can make in a cup in the microwave! Cheap and easy these are the perfect snacks! 

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this man has been decapitated and all you have to say is “physics!”??? wow….




this man has been decapitated and all you have to say is “physics!”??? wow….

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Track: Unknown5 Lolitas
Artist: UnknownLana Del Rey
Album: UnknownLolita
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Lana Del Rey - 5 Lolitas (What happens when you layer all four demos and the album version)

This is so sick.

This sounds like it should be a Bond song.

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Just because we’ve been shaking hands… a lot, doesn’t mean that I have the right to pry. So, when you are ready, you’ll tell me.

Coney Island. We had a reception at our place after my mom’s funeral and it was miserable. I was miserable and my dad took my hand and he said, “Lets get the hell out of here, Katie.” And we took the Q-train and we went up to Coney Island. And we walked up and down that beach just enjoying ourselves. We were still in our funeral clothes.

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this is hilarious

OMG xD I just said omg out aloud, because this is awesome :D

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Disney Princess Hairstyle Masterpost
Transparent Princesses in the Banner
Rapunzel’s Braid: 1 2 3
Rapunzel’s Hair + Makeup
Tips on growing your hair long
Merida’s Curls With Straws + Temporary Spray Colour
Merida’s Hair With a Curling Iron
Dying Hair With Henna (this is a permanent Colour)
Tiana’s Hair & Makeup
Tiana’s Up-do
Tiana’s Sock Bun
How to White/Silver Hair Masterpost
Elsa’s French Braid
Elsa’s Twisted Up do
Both of Her Hairstyles
Anna’s Up do
Anna’s Braids
Belle’s Half Up Half Down Hair Style
Belle’s Town Hair
Belle’s Hair + Make up
Ariel’s Hair
The Perfect Blowout 
Bright Red Hair With No Bleach
Bright Red With Manic Panic (you will have to bleach you hair)
You can use a spray if you want something that comes out immediately 
Cinderella’s Make up + Up Do (With Bangs)
Cinderella’s Up Do (Without Bangs)
Short Hair Voluminous Blow Out
Jasmine’s Hair & Make up 
Jasmine’s Hair
Mulan’s Makeup
Mulan Style Messy Bun
Straight Hair With a Hair Dryer
Straightening Hair With a Flat Iron
Pocahontas’ Make up
Sleeping Beauty: Aurora
Aurora’s Hair & Make up
Blow Dry Wavy Hair
Heatless Curls
Snow White
Snow White’s Make up
Snow White’s Hair
Snow White’s Hair
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